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Innovative technology for automated machine vision

Automation & Machine Vision Consultants with an interest in improving manufacturing processes by implementing automated quality inspection and machine vision systems/solutions.

Our experience in sensors and robotics allows us to focus on the Industry 4.0 concept within lean manufacturing environments so as to be able to save overall costs arising from low/bad quality products or scrap.


We work with several partners worldwide in order to serve suitable as well as tailored machine vision and automation solutions for the customer.

In recent years there have been great advances in related fields such as computer vision, artificial intelligence and camera or sensor based metrology systems.


Our goal is to deploy and implement the most advanced technology that best matches your requirements…

The right place where you’ll get the perfect solution for your industry needs.

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Industries We Serve!


Our systems are ideal for inspecting hard to access locations as well as challenging parts within the aerospace sector, such as turbine blades, offering micron resolutions.

Large structures (e.g. infrastructures, pipes or even production sites), can be 3D scanned and rendered for analysis, planning or virtual reality purposes allowing also for inspection.

Our accurate, high speed vision sensors/systems combined with custom defect detection software implementations are able to challenge the needs of the automotive industry.

Reliable electronic component and PCB inspection is a must in the electronics and semiconductor industry sector. The most demanding requirements can be successfully met by implementing fast, suitable and precise vision solutions, in conjunction with appropiate defect detection algorithms.

Our systems and solutions are ideal for castings and forgins… While in production, a correct and thorough automated quality inspection of parts can save large costs derived from scrap.

We supply unparalleled sensor based systems and turn-key solutions which are able to detect glass and plastic. Semi or fully transparent object surfaces can be analysed in 3D, and their multiple layer thicknesses determined, all in real time.

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