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  • 3D Scanners, 3D Printers.
  • Cobots, robots and mobile robots.
  • Cameras, 3D sensors, Machine vision systems.
  • Sensors/systems for detecting 3D surface and layer thicknesses of transparent materials (glass/plastic).
  • X-Ray quality inspection systems.
  • Automated quality inspection systems / metrology – Virtual reality platform integration.
  • Custom defect detection software.
  • Automation: Pick and place systems (cart + cobot + mobile robot), and other applications…
  • Industry 4.0 real-time device monitoring (fault detection) and cloud data.

Industry Focused Products!

3D Scanners / Metrology


Appropiate 3D scanners and/or metrology products are provided.
Small, medium or even large parts/objects, can be 3D scanned/rendered for analysis or virtual reality (virtual models), allowing also for relevant inspection and reverse engineering purposes.

  • 3D Scanning of small/medium parts as well as hard to access locations.
  • 3D Models can be used in CAD and virtual reality environments.



Automated 3D quality inspection systems / metrology, for small, medium and large parts are offered:

  • Off-line or in-line (production line).
  • Off-line programming & comparison to CAD.
  • Auto-path planning & virtual reality.
  • Standard or custom defect detection.
  • Micron or submicron resolution possible.
  • Hard to access locations (e.g. inside of parts).
  • Holes, tubes, turbine blades, edge inspection.
  • Surface 3D inspection, flatness, transparent (glass, plastics).
  • High speed & high resolution based on triangulation 3D sensors.

3D printers


Novel 3D printers are available for objects, parts, fixtures:

  • Industrial 3D printing made safe and easy:
    Easy to use, fastest time to part, minimal, clean pre- and post-processing.
  • Full Color + Safe + Strong + Affordable.
  • Functional digitally augmented printing: Graphics/images and text can be applied to parts including QR codes for traceability, built-in trust and IP controls. part numbers, instructions or safety warnings.
  • Best-in-class Z-Strength, ideal for functional prototypes, tooling and end-use parts.
  • Safe material/process: people safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Suits office, production and field use.
    Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or solvents released.
  • Lowest cost of ownership from initial investment to operational costs: a trained technician is not required. ROI – a few months. 

Industry 4.0 real-time device monitoring (fault detection) and cloud data


A highly reliable and solid Industry 4.0 device monitoring software platform is offered:

  • All (production line) devices monitored.
  • Fault detection in real-time.
  • Robust software
  • Dedicated & reliable customer support. 



X-Ray / CT-Computed Tomography Scanning systems are ideal for analysing the internal structure of parts.

  • 3D Quality inspection (e.g. porosity X-Ray analysis).
  • Resolution: up to a few microns.
  • Robotic automated X-Ray inspection.
  • New – 4D / (3D CT with Motion).
  • Extremely reliable and complete inspection (internal or external) of any object – 2D DR (Digital Radiography), 3D X-ray CT (Computed Tomography) & 4D CT (3D CT with Motion).
  • X-Ray microscopes.
  • Portable (on-site) X-Ray scanners.
  • Large object X-Ray scanning systems.

Transparent surface (3D) and layer thickness detection

transparent-surface-thickness detection

Novel inspection solutions are offered in order to be able to detect as well as represent the surface and multiple layer thicknesses of transparent objects in 2D/3D in real-time. Transparent or semi-transparent materials such as plastic or glass are good candidates for such an analysis.
Thereby, 3D scanning/representation is available as well as relevant defect detection and even automated quality inspection setups.



A powerful best-in-class virtual reality software platform is offered:

  • Virtual simulations based on real engineering principles.
  • Production line (3D scanned or designed) – Simulations.
  • New or existing virtual device (e.g. robots, vision systems…) or process simulation and integration within a simulated production line environment is posible.
  • Very useful to view and analyse real scenarios simulated before implementing them, thereby, significantly saving costs by examining and planning ahead of time.
  • Complete custom or innovative virtual developments can be tailored and realised upon request.



We are official distributors of DRAG&BOT, which is a software platform for simple, graphical setup and programming of robotic applications with any industrial robot or cobot. NO ROBOT EXPERTISE IS NEEDED!

  • VERY EASY TO USE – Just DRAG & DROP modules and test!
  • 5x faster programming of robots in comparison to state-of-the-art programming.
  • Software is independent of robot manufacturers and brands.
  • +10 years of experience in programming innovative robot applications at Fraunhofer IPA (Germany).
  • 50% cost savings in contrast to turnkey solutions.
  • Cost-efficient automation by flexible change of robot tasks.
  • No IT/robot skills or expensive training by robot manufacturers required.
  • Production workers can now operate and program robots.
  • Applications: Pick & Place, Assembly, Screwing, Riveting, Soldering and basically any robot application is possible!

Drones - outdoor and indoor inspection


Various drones are offered for professional targeted outdoor and indoor inspections:

  • Thermal and visual inspections even in complex environments.
  • Multispectral analysis for agriculture (e.g. plants).  
  • Innovative image system with tilt angles of ±90° (180°) allows for evaluation at inaccessible areas or even underneath structures.
  • Building or infrastructure inspection.
  • Indoor real-time inspections for confined spaces (cracks, defects, etc…): collision-tolerant design, GPS-free stabilization in dark and troubled air flows, 180 micron/pixel resolution, most compelling and dust proof lighting system.

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